“Fancy is as fancy does” – Afternoon Tea

TITLE: Afternoon Tea

NUMBER: Series 2, Episode 4

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: October 20, 1997

SETTINGS: The village of Warborough in Oxfordshire.


The ladies cook a post-match tea for the local cricketing club, using the kitchen of a 17th-Century manor house. Continue reading

“Who’d want to be Protestant when you can have Cardinals?” – Fruit & Vegetables

TITLE: Fruit & Vegetables

NUMBER: Series 1, Episode 3

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: October 23, 1996

SETTINGS: Westminster Cathedral, London, where Jennifer’s uncle is Gentiluomo to Cardinal Basil Hume.

Westminster Cathedral.

Westminster Cathedral.

Traditional costume of a gentiluomo.

Traditional costume of a gentiluomo.

Jennifer's uncle, Anthony Bartlett.

Jennifer’s uncle (and roommate), Anthony Bartlett.

Her grandfather did the job before him. She notes the current Cardinal’s predecessors are “under the sod.” Continue reading