“I done gotta jerk my pork, man!” – A Caribbean Christmas

[It’s very cold and snowy where I live right now, so even though it’s a bit early, recapping a Christmas special somehow seems . . . right. – WK]

TITLE: A Caribbean Christmas

NUMBER: Series 3, Special

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: December 22, 1998

SETTINGS: The “special-ness” of this episode is immediately apparent. There is a pre-credits prologue, which we’ve never had before, set at the Air Jamaica counter at an airport [Gatwick].


Air Jamaica

[There is some sort of cartoon astronaut or something on a poster behind the counter, but I haven’t been able to place him.] Continue reading

“LEGGING!” – Lock Keepers

TITLE: Lock Keepers

NUMBER: Series 3, Episode 6

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: October 7, 1998

SETTINGS: Clarissa and Jennifer cook for workers who operate locks on the Llangollen Canal in Grindley Brook, Shropshire.

Llangollen Canal with TFL

Their dialogue from the bike in the opening is hard to decipher. It sounded like this to me: Continue reading

“God, this is fantastic, better than sex!” – The Air Race

TITLE: The Air Race

NUMBER: Series 3, Episode 5

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: September 30, 1998

SETTINGS: Back to Scotland for this one. The ladies participate in a small airplane race at East Fortune Airfield [the home of the Scottish National Museum of Flight] in East Lothian.

"Fortune Favours the Bold."

“Fortune Favours the Bold.”

National Museum of Flight

Clarissa says it’s “so close to home” for her, [and indeed, the airport appears to be just half an hour away from where she lived in Musselburgh, a suburb of Edinburgh.] Continue reading

“I’m quite glad I gave up the law books for the recipe books” – Barristers at Lincoln’s Inn

TITLE: Barristers at Lincoln’s Inn

NUMBER: Series 3, Episode 4

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: September 23, 1998

SETTINGS: Unusually, this episode opens with a field-trip prologue, set before sunrise. The ladies venture out to visit the famous Smithfield meat market in London. [The market’s business hours are 3 a.m. to midmorning.]

Smithfield is in the same neighborhood as Lincoln’s Inn. The Inn is home to a professional association of barristers (with a voiceover reminding us that Clarissa used to be one) and is the place where ultimately they will be cooking.

On the way there, they pass St. Paul’s Cathedral.

No Cybermen, though.

No Cybermen, though.

There’s this conversation: Continue reading

“Crazed with lust” – The Cambridge Eight

TITLE: The Cambridge Eight

NUMBER: Series 3, Episode 3

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: September 16, 1998

SETTINGS: The setting this time is Cambridge University, where Clarissa and Jennifer cook for “the Cambridge Eight” – that is, the eight winners of an annual competition between the rowing crews of Cambridge and Oxford University.

Half the places they go to look like this, don't they?

Half the places they go to look like this, don’t they?

[I know there’s some crossover between fans of this show and those of P.G. Wodehouse.  Continue reading

“It’s a pity, but there you are” – Benedictine Nuns

[In my researches for this recap, I stumbled upon this gif, which by coincidence references today’s episode. Apparently in 2002 there was a nod to Two Fat Ladies on Gilmore Girls. Fun.]


TITLE: Benedictine Nuns

NUMBER: Series 3, Episode 1

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: September 2, 1998

SETTINGS: Kylemore Abbey [originally the private residence Kylemore Castle, apparently] in Connemara, Ireland. Continue reading