Extra: “Bon Noël” [sic]

As much as I hate to leave you hanging, the demands of the holiday mean my final TFL recap will have to wait till next week. In the meantime, perhaps this will keep you occupied. (And you can find my recap of it here.) Have a ravishing Christmas. – WK

“Oh, Jennifer . . . just what I’ve always wanted . . .” – Christmas

TITLE: Christmas

NUMBER: Series 2, Special

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: December 24, 1997

SETTINGS: The ladies cook a Christmas dinner for the choir of the Pilgrim’s School, a boarding school providing boy singers for the Winchester Cathedral in Hampshire.

Winchester Cathedral.

Winchester Cathedral.

They are greeted by “Dr. Rees,” an educator who has a North American accent. Continue reading

“Mejican eggs for brekky?” – Breakfast

TITLE: Breakfast

NUMBER: Series 2, Episode 5

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: October 27, 1997

SETTINGS: The Black Sheep Brewery in Masham, North Yorkshire, where a pleasant man [Paul Theakston, who still heads the brewery today] gives them a tour and shows them some of the equipment.

Black Sheep 3

Paul Theakston.

Paul Theakston.

(There is some steam, and Jennifer describes the place as “a beer Turkish bath.”) Continue reading

“Stirring times for stirring songs for stirring soup” – A Picnic

TITLE: A Picnic

NUMBER: Series 2, Episode 3

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: October 13, 1997

[Again, Amazon presents this episode out of order.]

SETTINGS: Llandudno, Wales (“North Wales” according to the titles). The city is a seaside holiday destination, and the episode opens with the ladies dipping their feet into the water.


They cook for the Colwyn Male Voice Choir [Côr Meibion Colwyn in Welsh], whom Jennifer refers to as “all those lovely Men of Harlech” (apparently confusing the subject of the song with those who sing it). Continue reading

“Enormous fun, I loved it” – Lunch

TITLE: Lunch

NUMBER: Series 2, Episode 2

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: October 6, 1997

SETTINGS: Hesket Newmarket in England’s Lake District, where the ladies attend a gathering of vintage motorcycle enthusiasts [the Back Green Rally, held since 1973]. They go for a massed tour with the other bikers around the lakes, the itinerary of which is here:


Lake DistrictThe field trip segment takes them to Kirkby Lonsdale with its “Devil’s Bridge,” where they stop to get a snack from a sandwich vendor. Continue reading

“We’re two fat tarts for the Ambassador” – A Cocktail Party

TITLE: A Cocktail Party

NUMBER: Series 2, Episode 1

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: September 29, 1997

[Oddly, Amazon Instant Video presents this one out of order, putting “Lunch” first instead.]

SETTINGS: The Brazilian Embassy in Mayfair (London). They cook for a party hosted by [Maria Ignez Barbosa,] the wife of the Ambassador [Rubens Antonio Barbosa].

The Barbosas.

The Barbosas.

The field trip takes them to the bar of the Dorchester hotel, where the doorman, “Ted” (or possibly “Dave”?) greets them by name, with seeming foreknowledge and affection.  Continue reading