“Leave the love out of it; stick to the money” – A Day at the Races

Here it is, the final recap! Hope it doesn’t disappoint. – WK

TITLE: A Day at the Races

NUMBER: Series 4, Episode 4

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: September 28, 1999

SETTINGS: At the opening of the episode, Clarissa and Jennifer arrive at yet another fishing boat, identified by a title as being in “St. Abbs, Northumberland,” though most maps put it on the Scottish side of the border. (The fisherman they meet has a heavy Scottish accent, which seems to support the latter theory.)

“St. Abbs, Northumberland.”

Scottish border map

Note the border.

No flirting with the fisherman this time, shockingly, even though he does give them a taste of what Clarissa says are langoustines. [They look like ordinary enough shrimp to me – WK]. Continue reading

Extra: “Bon Noël” [sic]

As much as I hate to leave you hanging, the demands of the holiday mean my final TFL recap will have to wait till next week. In the meantime, perhaps this will keep you occupied. (And you can find my recap of it here.) Have a ravishing Christmas. – WK

“Dinky little peaches, dinky little moussies, for the dainty little lumberjacks!” – Timber!

TITLE: Timber!

NUMBER: Series 4, Episode 3

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: September 21, 1999

[This episode is one of my all-time favorites – the final classic, perhaps. – WK]


The ladies are in “bonnie Scotland” again, and fairly far up into it this time (in the Ardnamurchan peninsula).

DCF 1.0

They pass by the seashore at one point. Continue reading

“Well, I hate to break this rustic idyll . . .” – On Safari

Title: On Safari

NUMBER: Series 4, Episode 2

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: September 14, 1999

SETTINGS: The ladies visit Knowsley Safari Park in Merseyside.

Knowsley logo

[From what I’ve read, “On Safari” was actually the last episode to be filmed before Jennifer took ill. This interesting timeline of Jennifer’s life claims Series 4 was to have been the final series anyway.] Continue reading