Extra: Clarissa’s recipe for fox

In a recent recap, I noted Clarissa’s longstanding support for British foxhunting. By coincidence, this week a columnist for the Isle of Wight County Press wrote a piece discussing that controversial tradition, and at the end of it she shares a recipe of Clarissa’s for “fox pasta.” Enjoy.

Oh, and here’s something else to get you going. Correspondent John White says he wonders what fox meat tastes like.

Well, the late Clarissa Dickson Wright could have told you, John.

Here’s her recipe for fox pasta. You hang the fox in running water for three days (Clarissa didn’t specify whether it should be dead or not and there was no telling with her), cook it with garlic, onion and tomato, stew it for an hour-and-a-half and serve it with chestnut pasta. Clarissa said she’d probably “cut the fox into halves, not quarters”.

I have absolutely no comment on this piece of culinary advice.

Clarissa fox

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