“Oh, Jennifer . . . just what I’ve always wanted . . .” – Christmas

TITLE: Christmas

NUMBER: Series 2, Special

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: December 24, 1997

SETTINGS: The ladies cook a Christmas dinner for the choir of the Pilgrim’s School, a boarding school providing boy singers for the Winchester Cathedral in Hampshire.

Winchester Cathedral.

Winchester Cathedral.

They are greeted by “Dr. Rees,” an educator who has a North American accent. Continue reading


“Mejican eggs for brekky?” – Breakfast

TITLE: Breakfast

NUMBER: Series 2, Episode 5

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: October 27, 1997

SETTINGS: The Black Sheep Brewery in Masham, North Yorkshire, where a pleasant man [Paul Theakston, who still heads the brewery today] gives them a tour and shows them some of the equipment.

Black Sheep 3

Paul Theakston.

Paul Theakston.

(There is some steam, and Jennifer describes the place as “a beer Turkish bath.”) Continue reading

“Stirring times for stirring songs for stirring soup” – A Picnic

TITLE: A Picnic

NUMBER: Series 2, Episode 3

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: October 13, 1997

[Again, Amazon presents this episode out of order.]

SETTINGS: Llandudno, Wales (“North Wales” according to the titles). The city is a seaside holiday destination, and the episode opens with the ladies dipping their feet into the water.


They cook for the Colwyn Male Voice Choir [Côr Meibion Colwyn in Welsh], whom Jennifer refers to as “all those lovely Men of Harlech” (apparently confusing the subject of the song with those who sing it). Continue reading