“Enormous fun, I loved it” – Lunch

TITLE: Lunch

NUMBER: Series 2, Episode 2

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: October 6, 1997

SETTINGS: Hesket Newmarket in England’s Lake District, where the ladies attend a gathering of vintage motorcycle enthusiasts [the Back Green Rally, held since 1973]. They go for a massed tour with the other bikers around the lakes, the itinerary of which is here:


Lake DistrictThe field trip segment takes them to Kirkby Lonsdale with its “Devil’s Bridge,” where they stop to get a snack from a sandwich vendor. Continue reading

Extra: “Asian driving gloves fetish”?

One of the fun things about writing this blog is that through the miracle of WordPress analytics I can sometimes see how people have managed to find it. For instance, last week, a visitor landed here because he entered this query into a search engine:

Asian driving gloves fetish

He (at least I presume it was a he) wound up here, of all places, because of three sentences in my recap of “Meat“:

Clarissa cooks “Beef à la Will Moreland” . . . : “roast fillet of beef in a pan-Asian fashion.”

STYLE WATCH: Jennifer’s red driving gloves.

SUGGESTIONS OF SEX: Clarissa admits a “kitchenalia fetish.”

I expect he was disappointed by what he found here, but I like to imagine he enjoyed these recaps so much he forgot what he was looking for in the first place. . . .

“We’re two fat tarts for the Ambassador” – A Cocktail Party

TITLE: A Cocktail Party

NUMBER: Series 2, Episode 1

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: September 29, 1997

[Oddly, Amazon Instant Video presents this one out of order, putting “Lunch” first instead.]

SETTINGS: The Brazilian Embassy in Mayfair (London). They cook for a party hosted by [Maria Ignez Barbosa,] the wife of the Ambassador [Rubens Antonio Barbosa].

The Barbosas.

The Barbosas.

The field trip takes them to the bar of the Dorchester hotel, where the doorman, “Ted” (or possibly “Dave”?) greets them by name, with seeming foreknowledge and affection.  Continue reading

“Let’s return to a town soon” – Food in the Wild

[A preliminary note: While watching the opening credits of this episode, my girlfriend said, “Oh, I never realized before they’re having a little conversation during this song.” She’s cute. – WK]

TITLE: Food in the Wild

NUMBER: Series 1, Episode 6

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: November 13, 1996

SETTINGS: The Hawkhirst Camp of the British Boy Scouts Association, Kielder Forest, Northumberland. The ladies go fishing for their field trip.

DISHES: Jennifer does a “shooter’s sandwich” of beef and mushrooms in a hollowed-out bread loaf. (She uses expensive steak to make it, but says it’s of better value than store-bought sandwiches, “which can cost two to three pounds and are filthy.”)


[In Cooking with the Two Fat Ladiesshe says this recipe comes from the book of an interesting Nineteenth-Century person called Thomas Earle Welby.]

The late Right Reverend Thomas Earle Welby, Bishop of St Helena

The late Right Reverend Thomas Earle Welby.

In the second segment, she makes a frittata with vegetables (and a hell of a lot of butter). Continue reading

“From the hip” – Game


NUMBER: Series 1, Episode 5

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: November 6, 1996

SETTINGS: Lennoxlove House, East Lothian, Scotland, “the home of the fifteenth Duke of Hamilton.” Clarissa explains the house’s name: “Well, Frances Stuart, Duchess of Lennox, had a favorite nephew, Lord Blantyre – she’s the one who was Britannia on the coins.

The Duchess as Britannia.

The Duchess as Britannia.

The Duchess as herself.

The Duchess as herself.

“She left it to him, and its correct name is ‘Lennox’ Love to Blantyre.’” (“We should have such aunts,” Jennifer says.) Continue reading